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INDIVIDUALS: who love what they do.

PERFECTIONISTS: who understand that "it's the little things".

PROFESSIONALS: who strive to earn your future business.

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We're a creative bunch, which is why we landed in the zany worlds of Web and Media. We're "ideas" people, who can execute your project needs fast, efficiently, and under budget. One of our best talents is "listening"; listening to what it is that YOU want to convey. If you don't know yet, that's ok, we would love to help you discover it.

Yes, we are new, but check out our portfolio. We are creating some cool stuff with our customers. Feel free to browse around and get a feel of our "style". We hope you're inspired enough to give us a try!

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Selling online can be overwhelming. The look and the functionality of the site must be clear and obvious to the shopper. If not, most shoppers probably won't read on, they'll just click somewhere else. We really focus on dialing in your "home" page, to showcase your products, services, message, and your online identity. The easier we make it for your customers to buy your products, the more customer retention and sales you will enjoy. We have lots of experience in building seamless e-commerce sites.

'Responsive' Website Development

If your website isn't in a 'responsive' template, then you are not communicating with your customers efficiently. Webpages are shrinking because people are getting their information from their smartphones and tablets more and more. A 'responsive' website automatically sizes itself based on the device that your customer is reaching your website on. We strongly suggest that our clients upgrade their current site into a responsive environment. Stop pinching those screens!

Video Production

As the Internet moves more towards images and video in place of excessive text content, video production is taking on a greater role. Customers feel more comfortable seeing an image or video of the person, product, or service that they are interested in. Get out in front of your product or service by being an intimate part of the sales and marketing campaign. We can produce simple videos for your website that will convey a much greater message than any image or text. For a sample of our video work, please see our portfolio page.

Product Photography

As more and more commerce is conducted online, it becomes very important to have clear high resolution product images. Consumers respond more favorably to purchasing an item online that has multiple shots. Different angles, close-ups, and photo rotations give the consumer a higher level of confidence. It is NOT ok to have blurry images to sell things anymore. We've taken thousands of product shots specifically for the web. Let Conductor MEdia produce these high quality images for your sales and marketing needs.

Brand Identities

We have created some very unique and creative logo's for our clients. Brand identity is one of the most critical factors in helping to catch the eye of the customer and it is often your first chance to speak to them. Your logo is YOU. Your logo is your services, your ethos, your products, and your message. Let Conductor MEdia™ help you refurbish your current logo or create a new logo that helps you communicate this. Be your brand.

Media Consulting

This has been increasingly our most popular service. Many of our clients have a need for what I call "outside eyes". We have been brought in on many campaigns that we did not originate. What we are skilled at is providing a fresh set of thoughts and curiosities to existing or new projects. We get just as much satisfaction on getting projects over the hump as we do from creating them from scratch.

QR Codes

It's no surprise that we are big fans of the QR codes and their unique ability to creatively connect to your audience in a wide variety of ways. These codes may not fit into every media campaign, but we enjoy showing off the positives. QR Codes are all the rage right now. You might have seen them on listings for homes for sale, or in a magazine advertisement, or maybe on the pricing information sheet at your local Best Buy. QR Codes are popping up everywhere, but in many ways they are not being used properly and up until now our smartphones and data networks were not suited to activate them efficiently. What makes the QR codes work best is the quality of the camera on your smartphone or tablet. Finally, in 2014 most smartphones and tablets are equipped with high-resolution cameras so activating a QR code is easier than ever. Combine that with faster wi-fi and domestic cellular networks, QR codes are better suited for adoption. The best QR Code reader we have used is from 3GVision. For download instructions for their i-nigma reader, visit here.
Now, go out scan a few codes and get inspired to incorporate this technology into your next marketing or media campaign.

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Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

We are virtually and physically located in the amazing city of Portland, Oregon.

It's true that we live in a city that is filled with amazing restaurants, brew pubs, food carts, public transportation options, clean air, no sales tax, and a quirky populous. But most importantly for us, Portland is home to many extremely talented and hardworking creative types.

Conductor MEdia
140 SW Hamilton Street
Portland, Oregon 97239

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